New Guests Announced for ANDERCON 2015

With ticket sales open and their new website unveiled, Anderson Entertainment has announced additional guests that will be appearing at Andercon 2015.

Joining FX Supremo Brian Johnson and Thunderbirds voice actors Shane Rimmer, David Graham and Matt Zimmerman, will be:

Terrahawks voice actor Robbie Stevens
The voice of Captain Scarlet’s Angels, actress Liz Morgan
Artists Lee Sullivan & Mike Noble
Director Mark Woollard
Terrahawks Puppeteer Judy Preece
FX Artist Richard Gregory
Terrahawks Jon Lee
Writers MG Harris (Gemini Force One) & Terry Adlam (Dick Spanner, Terrahawks)
Supermarionation stalwart
David Elliott

With more guests to be announced in the coming months, additional details of Anderson’s unconventional convention in Leicester have been released, with the confirmation of a launch event taking place on the evening of Friday 12th June at the Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre featuring Sean Feast’s new Thunderbird at Bomber Command, plus exclusive first looks at Anderson Entertainment’s new productions – including Firestorm – at the main event taking place at the Athena on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June.

Jamie Anderson, Director of Anderson Entertainment and Gerry’s younger son explains; “2015 will be such an important year for Anderson fans, with a number of milestone anniversaries and new projects coming to fruition. We’re turning the traditional convention format on its head and creating something very unconventional in terms of content and visitor experience. We’re keeping as much as we can under wraps, but if you enjoyed last year’s event, you’ll love what we have planned this year!”